Club Champions

Year Men (gross) Men (net) Ladies (gross) Ladies (net)
2023 Fabian Gola   Delia Niederer  
2022 Fabian Gola Daniel Diener Delia Niederer Susy Schöni
2021 Timo Rohrer   Delia Niederer  
2020 Diego Nussbaum   Edith Breitenmoser  
2019 Lukas Lohmann   Porntipa Leppen  
2018 Oliver Hoffmann   Nadya Bertschi  
2017 Oliver Hoffmann   Siwei Breitenmoser  
2016 Oliver Hoffmann   Edith Breitenmoser  
2015 Benjamin Baumann   Edith Breitenmoser  
2014 Eric Dreyfus   Edith Breitenmoser  
2013 Eric Dreyfus   Edith Breitenmoser  
2012 Gian-Luca Köchli   Barbara Gölz  
2011 Eric Dreyfus   Edith Breitenmoser  
2010 Gian-Luca Köchli   Eva-Maria Möhwald  
2009 Gian-Luca Köchli   Eva-Maria Möhwald  
2008 Hans-Peter Huber   Eva-Maria Möhwald  
2007 Eric Dreyfus   Isabelle Nielsen  
2006 Andreas Studer   Lotti Regard  
2005 Alexander Mitev   Lotti Regard  
2004 Andreas Studer   Edith Lienhard  

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Golf Kyburg

CH-8310 Kemptthal
Tel. +41 52 355 06 06
info (at)

Restaurant La Gloria
Tel. +41 52 355 06 00

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How to find us

Exit highway A1 at Töss and follow the blue signs towards Zurich. After 700 meters take a left and follow the Golf Kyburg signs.

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